Lawn Care Tasmania

If your trees are overgrown and are blowing leaves into your gutters, we can help you resolve both issues at Jim’s Mowing.

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This means our professional team knows:

  • How to assess the perfect height to set the mower
  • Why you should never cut more than one third the height of the grass at one time
  • Why you should keep your lawn at least 4cm in length
  • How to ensure the mower cuts cleanly every time
  • How to identify different types of lawns and what to do to make them flourish
  • How to get sharp, laser-beam-straight edges

Lawn maintenance is more than just running a mower around your backyard. Our lawn mowing services mean we, trim your grass properly clip the edge and take all the clippings with us so we don’t fill up your bin.

We understand different types of grass and we bring all the necessary tools and equipment so you never have to think about buying petrol and pull-starting the mower again. We do it all – you just come home to a perfectly manicured lawn.

By using Jim’s Mowing Specialists, you’ll be able to let your kids roam free in the yard knowing that we will have dealt with any rubbish or nasty bindies. You’ll never have to drag the trampoline around or nag your partner or kids again and, best of all, you’ll never have to waste a glorious summer’s day sweating in the hot sun.

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